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Call for proposals entitled “Support for building energy developments aimed at the use of renewable energy and increasing energy efficiency” of the EIDHR-4.1.4-19

Within the framework of Széchenyi 2020, the call entitled “Support for the development of building energy aimed at increasing the use of renewable energy and increasing energy efficiency” (code number GINOP-4.1.4-19) was published.

At the time of announcing the Call, the planned budget available for the support program is HUF 20.42 billion.

Grant applications under this call are open from 09.00 on 11 November 2019 to 10.00 on 15 January 2020.

The call contributes to the implementation of investments in the use of renewable energy sources in the form of grants. At the same time, it serves to strengthen environmentally conscious economic competitiveness, reduce the burden on the environment and alleviate the burden of overhead costs on businesses. The installation of solar systems, heat pump systems, solid biomass boiler systems with a larger capacity to cover the energy consumption of SME buildings and economic and production processes in buildings, windows and non-windows complex modernization of heating, cooling and domestic hot water systems, energy-saving conversion of existing indoor lighting systems, installation of shading or shading structures.

The amount of the non-refundable grant that can be applied for is a minimum of HUF 3 million and a maximum of HUF 100 million. The aid is determined on the basis of the eligible cost limit. The part above the specific cost limit is to be financed from own resources.)

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