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Remote Access

Contoll your biomass-fired heating center simply, even from your home in front of the fireplace!

All you need is a SIM card and a device (phone, laptop…) with a web browser and we will help you solve your remote monitoring.

The all new remote monitoring system allows you to save cost by controlling the performance of the ALTHERM biomass-fired heating centers even from your home or anywhere you are!

Altherm Biomass Boilers Remote Access

The remote monitoring of ALTHERM biomass-fired heating centers can be opened remotely via a web interface to control the system, so it can be opened on any device with a web browser. Access is protected with your own username and password.
As soon as you log in, you can see the main data and the status of the boiler  on the first page, and then also the parameters that affect the performance and operation of the system.

You can easily find out that:

  •      whether or not the boiler, fan and pumps are operating properly;
  •      what is the temperature of the water circulating in the boiler;
  •      the temperature of the water stored in the buffer tank;
  •      what is the temperature of the exhaust flue gas;
  •      the level of oxygen measured by the lambda probe;
  •      how long the inserted bale / biomass burns;
  •      what is the total heating time spent so far;

Some parameters can even be changed, and you can even view some of the data in graphical form on the interface, because the controller performs a data backup every 5 minutes from the time of installation.
Based on all this, the system can be easily modified and serviced, in which we also help your work with a complete service background!
The savings of our partners - depending on fuel and existing systems - represent 40-90% of the cost of pipeline gas. Our implemented systems function as a heat center, ie in the case of a building to be heated, they provide a complex solution, including the boiler, the entire external (transmission line) - and the heating system inside the buildings (lines and other special internal radiators).
We manufacture our bale-fired boilers from 135 to 800 kW, cascading them up to 600 kW - cascading them if necessary - so we offer technically suitable and economical solutions for heating high-intensity livestock farms, crop dryers, agricultural holdings and municipal buildings. Our heating equipment complies with domestic and EU standards.
Our selection of biomass fuels is wide, we can also burn baled wheat straw, corn, barley or rapeseed stalks, or wood chips, agripell pellets, sieve bottom and sunflower husks in our boilers.

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