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ALTHERM Strawbale Cover

Effective protection for straw and hay bales and grain storage.

Altherm Strawbale cover  provides reliable protection for straw and hay bales against wind and weather and ensures good ventilation. The quality of the covered material can remain unchanged throughout the winter season and even in rainy weather it is ensured that drying and mold are avoided.

In addition to its water-repellent and breathable properties, Altherm cover film for outdoor and indoor use is also recommended due to its outstanding cost-effectiveness. The cost per unit of material can be reduced by up to an order of magnitude less than the construction cost of a covered storage and the size of the area used can be changed flexibly. Weather and storm resistance, as well as extremely good ventilation, make it competitive compared to standard foil coverings.

Protection of straw and hay bales (Toptex 130 gr/m2):

  • permeable to air and vapour
  • highly water shedding(drains off water at slope angles bigger than 45°)
  • resistant to wind lifting
  • the bales dry off even after heavy rainfall
  • high tensile strength and tear resistance (withstands even strong winds)

Protection of grain (Toptex 130 gr/m2):

  • protects your grain against contamination by bird excrement, dust and other objects
  • permeable to air and vapour (no heating up!)
  • high breathing activity
  • no condensation of water
  • certified compatibility to food
  • easy handling

Dimensions, properties, net prices:

Toptex straw bale and grain cover
130 gr/m2
130 gr/m2
9,80 m
9,80 m
Roll width
2,45 m
2,45 m
12,5 m
25 m
Roll weight
kb.18 kg
kb. 37 kg

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