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Frequently Asked Questions

What is lambda probe and what is it good for?
The quality of wood / straw as fuel is not always the same. Moisture content and calorific value is constantly changing, and often different fuel types are used. Taking into consideration the changing quality of fuel, to ensure burning of good quality, a so called lambda probe control is used, which ensures 90-93% efficiency in every operating condition and at the same time the emission of pollutants stays low. This control system allows efficient burning of fuel and also reduces fuel consumption by approx. 20-15%.
The boiler can only be heated with wood and straw bale?
The answer is no, because any solid fuel type can be utilized. Probably you have also faced with the problem of household generated waste, which you have burnt or you had to ship away. Many household generated wastes can be burnt in the boiler. Did you know that, for example, grapevine cane has significant calorific value?
How long does it take for the boiler to burn out?
The hot surfaces of the boiler are designed to be in contact with circulating water and because of this the heat absorption of the boiler is excellent and it prevents the burn out as the circulating water is constantly cooling it.
Does the straw burn down quickly?
It depends on the quantity of air pumped into the boiler. It can be controlled the same way as in the case of firing wood. Usually a bail of straw is totally burned in 3-4 hours time.
Why is a large combustion chamber practical?
You can put a large amount of fuel into the combustion chamber at once and because of that you only have to fill the boiler rarely and you can use large pieces of fuel.
Why is a large combustion chamber door practical?
The large door opens the total cross-section of combustion chamber and you can have an easy access the combustion chamber. This solution allows you to put large pieces of fuel into the combustion chamber and by this you can save money, work, and energy because you don’t have to chop wood into small pieces and you can put a whole straw bale in as well.

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