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DAIKIN Heat Pumps are quick and easy to install providing an environment that is completely tailored to the expectation of our Partners. Environmentally friendly and energy efficient solutions from low temperature air-to-water heat pumps to geothermal heat pump systems for both family or industrial level heating, cooling and hot water production. The system can be optimized for the entire season due to the inverter technology.
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Heating with air conditioner on lower energy rates

One of the main goals of a modern home is to minimize energy costs and lower the monthly bills. This is not only important for the homeowner but also serves climate protection purposes.
Recently, the implementation of heating with air conditioner become more and more popular. Many articles deal with its pros and cons. Nowadays this form of heating is quite common as an air conditioner optimized for heating is a much cheaper solution than replacing or upgrading a gas boiler heating system. Obviously, everyone is looking for cost-effective solutions to discover the benefits of heat pumps.
Air Cons that can also be used for heating are called heat pumps. These are already optimized for heating while older types of appliances are not. Equipment optimized for heating ensures safe cooling and heating all year round. In this technology the outdoor unit has been designed to withstand the frosty winter.
These are equipped to automatically defrost the unit. This development is essential to operate smoothly and economically.
Electricity is now not expensive at all by using heat pumps. The energy class of these devices are usually given in SCOP / COP values. The higher the specified number, the more economical it is.
Eg. if we have a 35 m2 apartment which is heated with an air conditioner in case of 48 HUF electricity we consume 12 x 1.2 kWh of electricity per day at 4 kW heating capacity which costs 691 forints per day. Converting this our monthly bill comes to HUF 20,730 without any discounts.
But here we come to the most important point. As these are environmentally friendly and economical equipments electricity suppliers offer discounts on the use of the heat pumps. These depend on SCOP values.

Discounts can be claimed in these cases:
• Up to 6 kW, 4.1 SCOP
• 3.8 SCOP between 6.1 and 11.9 kW power
• COP 3 from 12 kW

Once these values ​​are reached we can request the so-called "H tarifa".

But what is the "H tarifa"?

In Hungary, the H tariff electricity can only be used 24 hours during the heating season from October 15 to April 15. It can be requested for equipment that can heat from a renewable energy source, including today’s modern inverter air conditioners as these are actually low-power heat pumps. We can apply this discount anywhere within the country. The tariff can be used on existing or newly installed systems. In summer, the heat pump will operate at the "A1" normal price, and in the winter at the H tariff price. This usually means 25-26 HUF / kWh.


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  •   Can be installed well with a solar system

  •   Excellent energy efficiency values

  •   Market leading Japanese quality

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Please see the Daikin Altherma brochure for households

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Heat recovery ventilation with up to 80% efficiency

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