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UPONOR Pipelines

Uponor's underground pipelines provide a long-term, economical and safe solution between the boiler and the building. Uponor is constantly developing new technologies to save energy. Therefore, from spring 2011, it will apply new innovative polyethylene thermal insulation, which will minimize heat loss and improve the operational efficiency of Uponor pre-insulated transmission line systems.

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About the hot water system briefly

  •     Uponor's more than 25 years of experience in this field also guarantees reliability in hot water supply
  •     Extremely flexible pipeline due to the cross-linked material structure and ribbed surface
  •     Uponor continuously monitors the entire life cycle of a building, from design through construction to the end of the maintenance period, until the building is worn out.
  •     Reduces the total cost of the project
Uponor távvezeték földalatti telepítéshez hmv szállítására


Reliable thermal insulation is an important criteria for operation and efficiency in heating pipelines as well as durability and longevity. The properties of the crosslinked polyethylene insulation previously used in Uponor's district heating systems have been modified, allowing it to reduce the heat loss of the pipeline by a further 12%, while improving its strength and flexibility.

Innovative thermal insulation material minimizes heat loss, thus ensuring energy-saving operation of pre-insulated pipes. Therefore, their application is optimal in thermal energy production and utilization facilities, especially in case of plants running on biogas or gas engines, where hot water must be supplied even in frosty external conditions.

The flexible pre-insulated Uponor transmission system is the proven name for the innovative piping system previously known as the Ecoflex brand. The main field of application of the system is to provide various fluid transport processes inside or even outside the buildings. The range includes a complete range of products for cooling, heating, domestic hot water and drinking water. The properties of the material guarantee a long service life and as the pipes are light and extremely flexible, they allow easy and quick installation, even if trees or sharp corners get in our way. Uponor pre-insulated pipes fully comply with DIN EN 15632-3.

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