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ISO 9001:2008

Quality policy of Altherm Ltd.

Meeting the customers’ expectations with products/services in all kind of respects, being susceptive for new challenges and thus supplying a purposeful, helpful and quality service in the field of professional business consultancy, application writing, project management both domestically and internationally are considered as tasks by Altherm Ltd.
The strategic aim of the management is to strengthen further the company’s market situation in the way of operating a reliable, modern system related to MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 standard, to develop it continuously, to improve continuously the quality of corporate service and to increase the commitment for quality. Because of this, Altherm Ltd. requires the most appropriate and high standard of work from its colleagues and professionals, to apply for the customer demands as best as possible, whether it is either about professional business consultancy or application writing or other services. The company endorses this requirement also towards the suppliers and sub-contractors; the perfect product and the appropriate level of service is expected from them. Altherm Ltd.’s products and services are prepared related to the present legal prescriptions, and the company is continuously improving them according to the customers’ demands.

Altherm Ltd. provides the creation of quality-consciousness on all levels of its operation. The colleagues are regularly being trained, so that the company guarantees for them to be an active part in the quality improvement and be successful in this activity by their up-to-date and high level know-how.

Operating a quality management system, the company would like to provide such a modern workplace, which
  • maximally serves the customers’ demands,
  • is a reliable business partner,
  • produces the appropriate profit for the owners,
  • contributes to the realization of the leaders’ ambitions,
  • and secures a stable, good living for the colleagues.
Altherm Ltd.’s processes suit for the legal, professional requirements, the internal prescriptions, standards, rules. The management secures for all the colleagues and sub-contractors the cognition of the company’s quality policy, the basic aims, structure, operating rules of the quality management system, on the other hand, besides providing the necessary conditions, it also expects the colleagues to use it responsibly in the daily routine in all levels of the organization.

Hódmezővásárhely, 02nd of March, 2015.

  Andrea Sarusi-Molnár                    
     Managing director                        
         Altherm Ltd.   

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