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Compost cover

Efficient composting of organic waste with minimal odor emissions

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TOPTEX compost cover is the right material for optimal composting!

The TOPTEX is  

**) at least 3-5 years under normal Central European conditions
Its service life can be extended by protecting Toptex from UV radiation when not in use.

Use TOPTEX to mature compost

Experienced users apply TOPTEX to cover the most valuable product: mature compost! It is economical and easy to handle. The fabric allows gas exchange, protects against moisture, keeps the compost dry and provides a crumbly structure. Effectively resists weed formation. This solution is efficient and economical solution for storage of compost outdoor.

Using TOPTEX for fresh manure

The use of Toptex compost protective blanket is excellent for storing fresh manure. Scientific studies have shown that nutrient loss is significantly reduced by using a compost blanket. Government guidelines and good experiences recommend covering manure piles outdoor. (e.g. in accordance with the LGW 1992 from 12/95, Austria).


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