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Based on danish know-how,  ALTHERM Kft. was established as a joint venture in 2009 at Hódmezővásárhely for the production and sale of heating equipment as renewal energy sources. The main goal of Mr. József Sarusi-Kiss and Mrs. Andrea Sarusi-Molnár managing directors was to produce and sell the licensed high-power (20-800kW) strawbale boilers developed by a traditional Danish factory manufactured for almost two decades. The boilers comply with Hungarian and EU environmental regulations.

Our products energy efficiency is extremely good for heating agricultural and industrial facilities, offices, schools and kindergartens. Besides grain strawbales, corn and rapeseed strawbales can also be burned in the boilers.
Our partners are mostly pig farmers, poultry or other livestock farmers, vegetable producers, horticulturist but we have references in offices, hotels as well as social buildings of smaller municipalities, town centers.
The installation, set up and wireing are quick and easy, the boilers are fully automatic, no need for extra staff to operate an average animal farm. The only task to be solved is the proper storage of the strawbales. What we recommend is a breathable, water-repellent material.
Most of our high-performance strawbale boilers have been operating for many years all around Hungary provide savings of HUF 20-25 million / year and a return of investment in 1-2 years dependining on storage and handling costs of the strawbales (this can be reduced by almost half with available funds).

ALTHERM Kft. also produces 44-90 kW capacity square bale (straw and wood) and 9-150 kW biomass-fired (crop, pellet, chip) boilers. These products offer flexible and safe solutions for low budget heating of family houses, small offices and factories. Mixed fuel boilers ensure the burning of small cube bales with their robust design, but also allow the burning of garbage, paper, wood and wood waste. ALTHERM GREEN biomass-fired boilers are small in size and can be adaped to many kind of fuel. Easy to install, fully automatic.

ALTHERM Kft. designs and installs the japanese Daikin cooling and heating renewable energy systems in combination with BYD and Canadian Solar panels and UPONOR pipelines, indoor heating systems providing free energy and high efficiency for family houses, offices and business all year around.

Our technicians offer custom heating solutions and show you our references. We also provide assistance to our customers with other financial constructions (leasing, rental).
Our company provides a 24-month warranty on all its products here in Hungary. ALTHERM Kft. also provide energy consulting and certification which perfectly fits to the range of services and products.


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Quality policy

Altherm Kft. considers its task to meet the expectations of its customers in all respects with its product / service, to provide purposeful, service-ready, being responsive to new challenges, quality services in the field of business consulting, tender writing, project management both domestically and internationally.

The strategic goal of the management is to further strengthen the company's market position by operating a reliable, modern system according to the MSZ EN ISO 9001: 2019 standard, to continuously develop it, to continuously improve the quality of corporate services, and to increase the commitment to quality. Therefore, it expects its employees, specialists and subcontractors to provide quality work that best meets the needs of its customers, whether it is business management consulting or tender-related activities, manufacturing, construction, service or other services. The company also enforces this requirement for suppliers and subcontractors, expecting them to have a flawless product and an adequate level of service. The products and services produced by our companies are manufactured in accordance with the current legal regulations and the interested parties, and it is continuously developed in accordance with the customer's needs.

Altherm Kft. ensures the development of quality awareness at all levels of its operation. By regularly training its staff guarantees that they actively contribute to the improvement of quality through their up-to-date and high level of preparedness and are effective in this activity. Quality management system is operated by the company maximum customer service, reliable business partner for its partners, adequate profit for the owners, leaders to realize their aspirations, employees have a stable, good livelihood to provide a modern workplace.

The processes of Altherm Kft. are adjusted to legal and professional requirements, internal regulations, standards, norms, and the needs of interested parties. Management ensures that all employees and subcontractors are familiar with the company's quality policy, the basic objectives, structure and operational requirements of the quality management system, while expecting employees to apply it responsibly in daily practice at all levels of the organization.

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