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Privacy policy

It is important for Altherm Ltd. to protect the privacy of online visitors of www.altherm.hu and www.szalmatuzeles.hu sites. Therefore Altherm Ltd. commits itself to fully apply the applicable law for protection of visitors’ data and in this way helps the visitors’ safe internet use.
In the following description of privacy policies web site will mean the web site of Altherm Ltd. (www.altherm.hu, www.szalmatuzeles.hu), visitor will mean the visitor and reader of the site, operator will mean the operator of the web site (Altherm Ltd.).
Operator's company data:
Altherm Ltd.
Office: H - 6800 Hódmezővásárhely, 29. Andrássy road.
Address: H - 6800 Hódmezővásárhely, 29. Andrássy road.
Tax number: 14699737-2-06
Company Registration number: Cg.06-09-015793
Telephone number: +36-62 / 533-227
Visitors can visit the web site free of charge and without giving any personal data. The fact of using this web site means that the visitor accepted the conditions stated in the Operator’s legal declaration. The whole web content issued by the operator (content of database, articles, photos and all the used visualization tools) is under the protection of law LXXVI. 1999. The operator will seek to keep the web site on the highest possible level. The operator does not bear responsibility for damages caused by technical problems. The operator reserves the right for changing the site - including possible cancellation and interruption
The personal information provided by visitors is treated confidentially, without the visitors’ consent the operator will not pass the information to a third party, except in cases required by law. The operator can create statistical summaries but these data cannot be connected with personal data. Your data will only be used if during registration you select to receive more information about services of Altherm Ltd. In this case, your data will be used for delivering the newsletter but your data will not be obtained by a third party.
The website features a number of links (connection points) that contain links of other web sites. The operator is not responsible for the content of these sites and their data management practices. The operator will attempt as far as possible to provide accurate data, but excludes the responsibility for potential damage caused by inaccurate data released. The operator also excludes liability for the data, advertisement, announcement which were placed on the web site by the visitors. The client who ordered the paid advertisement is responsible for the content of advertisements on the web site.

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